Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that scares us the most
/ M

A mother of two boys and a dedicated practitioner, Lucy knows from life’s experiences the potential of a personal practice as one´s saving grace. Her own practice is rooted in tradition but at the same time completely open to create & discover what works on a personal level. Lucy´s yoga practice is all about manifesting your own hero´s journey. Her work is grounded in service to others, to inspire each person to awaken to their spirit and show them how to use yoga as a tool to heal and transform, feeling free to create and discover our own magic and holy wonder, on and off the mat.

Lucy has been dancing since she could walk, being inside the moving body is where her joy and peace resides and this is truly evident in her classes. A graduate of London Contemporary Dance School, Lucy discovered yoga and meditation as a way to deal with the demands of becoming a professional dancer. After a scholarship study at CalArts, at 23 years old Lucy went to South India for 6 months to study traditional Sivananda Hatha Yoga and live alongside a private Indian teacher in Fort Cochin, Kerala. She also trained for a year with Jasmine Tarkeshi at Laughing Lotus San Francisco, Vinyasa flow. For over 15 years Lucy has been deepening her daily practice in nourishing her dreams and manifesting personal transformation through yoga, dance, energetic anatomy, meditation and therapy. Her years training, choreographing and performing around the world guided her to create her own unique yoga project and studio combining the power of live cello and movement asana; YO-MU, based in Barcelona. She has also developed her own training for personal transformation. Lucy teaches exclusively as senior lead teacher at Yoga One Born and at Soho House, Barcelona. She guest teaches at Herrick house retreats, France & Reflexive Energy retreats, Catalonia and also teaches at yoga festivals and studios around the world.