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Lotus Yoga program training


The Lotus Path program designed by Lucy

Weekend Yoga intensive training and self inquiry



Block 1: 13 & 14 november 2021

Block 2: 26 & 27 march 2022


Yoga One Born

I am deeply passionate about this program because it is my personal journey. In this training I share the tools of self empowerment, healing and awakening I have experienced through the yogic teachings and my own exploration. In this program I highlight the importance of self inquiry on the yoga path and the significance of our heart power.  We will discover the teachings of each energy centre, how they are represented in our life experiences and relationships and how these energy centres relate specifically to each limb of the 8 limbs of yoga according to Patanjali.


This intensive program is open to everyone who is also passionate to grow, to heal, to be of service in the world and to understand how to live a life from the heart. The program is separated into two separate weekend intensives. Please find below all the details for each weekend. You can take part in one weekend or both however we encourage you to take the whole program as the idea is also to create a community on this program where we can support each other to evolve.


Each intensive weekend will include a yoga asana practice, yin and nidra practice, free movement, journalling and group/partner exercises, tea time and appropriate breaks.

Part 1 – Root, Empower and Awaken


In this part of the program we will begin from Sankalpa, discovering our deepest heart’s desire and how to practically navigate our lives from this desire. Over the weekend we will journey from our roots through the three main energy centres that we experience life from. At the same time we will explore the first 3 limbs of the yoga tree, the yamas, niyamas and asana and how these teachings correspond to each energy centre. As we collaborate the lessons at each step we can see a relationship of evolution, the energy centres are an essential part of the 8 limbs of yoga and vice versa.

Part 2 – Heart Warrior


On this journey we will begin from the heart and end at the wisdom of the heart. This part of the program takes us into the teachings and essential healing of the heart for inner evolution. As we work through the energy centres from the heart to the crown, we will cover forgiveness as a practice, metta meditation, mindfulness and the tools we can use to live consciously. As we learn to put our personal will into the hands of the divine we learn how to go with the flow of life, where resistance ends and the joy of allowing begins. We will discover how to make empowered choices in our lives, what is the wisdom mind and how we can use our choices to make a difference in the world.

‘It is time for a new conversation, an approach to yoga that is rooted in tradition and at the same time open to discovering a personal revolution of the heart, an awakening that eventually leads to sacred activism out into the world’