Telling your story is all about the journey and living from your heart. Find out how Yoga became Lucy´s saving grace and how she uses her practice & prayer daily as a human being & mama to her two son´s Arjuna & Dahli. Discover Surviving Sundays and the realisation that you are never ever alone in this.

Wisdom Words

Every class Lucy delivers has a journey she invites us to embark on with her, this is summed up by the inspirational quotes she reads and talks about while everyone´s heads are down and breathing on the mat. Words heal, words inspire and words spoken from the heart affect real change. Be a change maker, find your wisdom words.



Community is essential to your well being, healing and health. Lucy is a self confessed Moon junkie and with her tribe (men & women welcome) get together every month for new and full moon affirmations & ritual. This has proved life transforming for every member of her tribe so Lucy is inspiring you to do the same, get your tribe together, drink some cacao, burn that palo santo & inspire each other to walk forward toward your dreams, lets get real about it, this kind of freaky really does work!