Service Series


Series includes
Vinyasa for busy people
Dynamic Vinyasa
Slow Flow Vinyasa
Yin & restoration for the spine
Each practice is 45-60 mins duration

One of the pillars of my practice is Service, teaching and guiding yoga is my service to others. Once I discovered that my joy on the mat came from serving others and sharing the magic of yoga I also understood what it meant to surrender, that the class I guide is not my class, it is an expression of the energy we create together on the mat. Being in service to others is the path to our own liberation and connects us to an experience of love. We can also use our practice to be of service to ourselves daily, that is why I have a variation of classes in this series so you can practice according to what you need today, including a dynamic vinyasa class for busy people!

I hope you enjoy this series and enjoy discovering the power of service.